You’ve made it to the end of your pregnancy and you’re just weeks away from the fourth trimester, where you’ll feel that soft baby skin in your arms and have your heart melt at those crooked smiles and delicious cuddles. 

While you may have planned out everything down to the socks you’ll be wearing as you waddle into the delivery room, have you considered what you’ll need once you walk out of the hospital and into the Fourth Trimester?

If not, don’t feel too bad. You’re already in mom mode of being the best parent you can! You’ve taken care of everything for your baby, and they’ll have everything they need, but let’s establish the foundations of making sure you’re taking care of yourself too and having everything you need. 

And if you’re still trying to figure out what you need for baby (and what you can skip), make sure you download my free minimalist baby registry list.

Here are some new mom must-haves for the fourth trimester that people don’t talk about, but are non-negotiable! 

Water bottle (for breastfeeding station)

Throughout your pregnancy, you must have heard time and time again how important water consumption was to make sure your little nugget was getting everything he/she needed; but water intake is going to be just as important as you go into postpartum (and even more so if you’re planning on breastfeeding. 

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Postpartum, your body will be looking for that water intake to not only recover from the life changing milestone it just went through, but to also create the liquid gold that will be nourishing your baby’s needs outside of the womb. 

Having a reliable water bottle at your breastfeeding station will serve as a good reminder to you to take care of yourself by giving your body what it needs while also making sure you’re staying healthy enough to produce the nutrients your little one needs. 

Check out these water bottles new moms just like you swear by: 

Hydro Flask Water Bottle – with a nifty finger hook and drinkable straw, this bottle makes it as convenient as possible for you to incorporate water drinking into your new life. Plus, it’s stainless steel with a phthalate and BPA free lid.

CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle – With a magnetic cap to keep this lid from getting lost and vacuum insulation to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, this bottle gives you a few less things to worry about! 

One-handed snacks

In addition to that extra intake of water you’ll need to make sure you’re getting…food will also be another thing high up on the list. 

Did you know that breastfeeding asks another 500 calories of your body? This means you need to make sure you’re supplying your body with the extra protein and nutrients needs to to balance out the water in its quest of producing that golden milk!

And let’s keep it completely 100 here! As a new mom (or any mom really), a lot of your time will be dedicated towards just sitting and staring at your baby (breastfeeding or not) so with your hands full, making a quick snack might seem like too much work in the moment which is why it’s important to have a stash of one-handed snacks on hand and ready. 

Here are some favorites of mine you can consider: 

  • Dried Fruit
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Banana chips
  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Veggies cut up (carrots, celery etc.) with humus
  • Dried chickpeas
  • Nuts
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Dried edamame
  • Whole wheat pretzels
  • Trail mix
  • Granola bars 
  • Fruit/nut bars
  • Cheese Sticks, sliced cheese or something like this

If you have time to make something more elaborate, great! But as a new mom, let’s be safe. Assume you won’t have your hands free, and pile some of these into a grab-and-go container. Place them in areas you plan to be spending lots of time in (hello, breastfeeding station or TV and couch for those newborn cluster feeding stages).

Baby carrier

Ok, so you’ve got your water and snacks ready for when you’re cornered off and stationed for breastfeeding, but what about when you finally look up and get that “let’s clean the house” burst of energy? 

Chances are that adorable little one is not going to be up for being a part from momma after being able to spend these nice early moments with you, and their separation anxiety is actually a good thing.

When our babies are born, they still have a lot of maturation to do. Their temperature regulation is still not great, and even their breathing patterns and heart rate aren’t completely regulated yet.

One of the best ways to help your baby with all of these issues is to have them close to you (yes, even while you’re on the move). And the easiest way to allow this closeness without your arms falling off from exhaustion? Having her cuddled up close to you (or another care taker) in a wrap.

Not all baby wraps and carriers are the same, and the wrong carrier can contribute to hip dysplasia in your baby or back and shoulder pain for you. Read this post to learn more about how to choose the perfect carrier for you.

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Here are some great carriers for you to consider when you’re ready to start moving around some more: 

Boba Wrap – perfect for new baby snuggles

The Ergobaby Omni 360  – best for newborn through toddler

And yes, letting Dad snuggle baby in a carrier is a great idea too.

Gentle postpartum binder 

With that cute baby bundle now strapped to your chest, it’s also important to highlight that your body is still recovering! Whether you delivered vaginally or via c-section (which is major surgery), your body needs you to go easy as you start to get back into the swing of things. 

But because we all know the demands of a mother and woman tends to have us on the move, a gentle postpartum binder is ideal for you to be wearing while moving around with your baby.

It’s also important to note that the primary purpose of these binders are to help you feel more supported and not to pressure you into “getting your body back.” Your post-baby body is recovering from giving life! It took a lot to do that and it’s going to take a lot for it to recover. 

Particularly if you’ve had diastasis recti (abdominal separation) with your pregnancy, you needs this support for your core.

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This binder gives adjustable support with extra reinforcement at your waistline. Plus, it’s easy to get on and off.

Zipadee zip 

You know once you have a baby that any gifts for mom automatically turn into gifts for baby too, right? 

That’s sort of the case for the Zipadee Zip. Although will be a great help for you… it’s also a great help for your little one. 

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The Zipadee Zip’s design adorably turns your baby into the cutest star fish while aiding you in developing sounder sleep for a couple of reasons.

(1) No doubt you walked out the hospital a swaddle pro, but swaddling with a regular blanket that keeps your baby’s legs bound can lead to hip dysplasia! Zipadee Zip’s design provides your baby with the ability for your him to move his legs freely. 

(2) if your baby likes to self soothe by putting his hands in his mouth, the Zipadee Zip allows him to! While the ends may get a bit soggy, I’d take an extra load of laundry over a restless night of sleep any day!

The Zipadee ZIp provides the womb-like environment your baby is actively searching for in her first few months of life and this product gives that to them while also encouraging them to safely learn all about that new found freedom their tiny toes and fingers have. 

A good breastfeeding course 

We’ve got to address the “new mom” elephant in the room too, of course… breastfeeding.

If you decide to breastfeed for your baby – congrats. You just signed up for a beautiful, at-times heart wrenching, but undeniable bonding experience. 

While there is a TON of information floating around the internet about breastfeeding, a lot of it is wrong. And unfortunately, a misleading statement from the wrong person can make or break your breastfeeding journey. 

As a huge advocate for breastfeeding, finding the right resource for moms was important. So after taking this course, I confidently suggest the Ultimate Breastfeeding Course by Milkology.

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I promise you, Stacey (a certified lactation consultant and the author of the course) knows her stuff. This course will make you absolutely confident for your first few months of breastfeeding. 

Breast pads

These are things you don’t realize you need until it’s too late, so get them now (you’ll thank me later).

As your body begins producing milk, it will initially create more than needed until it “learns” how much your little one needs. While this is a beautiful way your body is working to provide for your new baby, it also means a lot of excess milk sometimes spilling out with no place to go (This will happen whether or not you choose to breastfeed, btw)!

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This is where breast pads come in. With options of reusable or disposable, breast pads are great for being that barrier between protecting letdown accidents from spilling out onto your shirt at the worst possible moments. 

Bonus: if you’re going through some extra sensitivity with breastfeeding, consider these gel padded breast pads that can help 

Breast Therapy Packs 

If you’re going through some extra sensitivity with breastfeeding such as from engorgement, plugged ducts and/or mastitis, consider these gel padded breast pads that can help provide cold and hot therapy relief! 

Sleep bras to put breast pads in

While you’re padding up, don’t forget to get a great sleep bra to put those in! As you’ll soon learn, breastfeeding does not work well with the standard bras, especially when it comes to those nighttime feeds. 

With no wires, hooks, or clips, sleep bras provide you with soft comfortable material to be able to easily and comfortably nurse your baby throughout the night without having to unstrap. They also hold breast pads in place throughout the night should a spontaneous letdowns occur (because no one likes waking up in a lake of breast milk).

These bras from Medela have a comfortable criss-cross front and racerback design to make night nursing easy.


Another thing you may need is lanolin. This natural substance produced from sheep’s wool has become the go-to relief for breastfeeding mothers. 

If you’re experiencing cracked nipples or general pain from breastfeeding, make sure you have a few tubes of this scattered throughout your home. A small pea size squeeze of this can be the difference between an enjoyable breastfeeding experience with your little one OR a painful one.

Dab it on after or before every breastfeeding session – it is not harmful to your little one.

Grab yours here.


Another seasoned mom go-to is the Haaka Silicone breast pump

With no plug-in required, this is debatably one of the most reputable silicone breast pumps on the market. With its suction based on a simple squeeze and placement, it takes all of the headache (and hand soreness) out of hand pumps. So when you’re on the go and can’t get to an outlet but also just don’t have the time to set up a pumping station – this is a great resource to have handy to help relieve engorgement while also storing up that valuable nutrients for your baby! 

All Haaka pumps are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, can be sterilized and easily compacted so that they’re the perfect traveling tool. 

Cosleeper bassinet 

It’s only natural that you’ll want to keep a watchful eye over your new bundle of joy and studies have shown that room sharing is the best way to keep your baby safe in the first year.

Instead of having a full-sized crib, you might prefer to invest in a cosleeper bassinet.

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These bassinets can be right next to your bed while keeping your baby cocooned. Some are even designed to attach to the side of your bed so that you have ease of access to pull your baby in when it’s time for those late night feeding sessions

Real talk: Over half of all babies end up in their parents’ bed, whether or not they initially planned to cosleep. It’s easier for exhausted moms, and it supports breastfeeding. Learn some bed sharing safety in this article. If you do decide to co-sleep, consider making sure your mattress is firm and non-toxic like these best non-toxic mattresses.

Cozy robe

Remember I said to prioritize yourself too? Another small but significant way to get that done is to get a comfortable robe.

In the days after your baby arrives home, things are going to be a blur. Finding the right outfit is going to be the last thing on your mind, and more than anything, you’ll be looking for comfort. Your main daily tasks will be to maneuver around the house, get skin-to-skin contact with your baby, and provide easy access to that comfy sleep bra whenever the time calls for it. 

I personally love this brand. It’s a soft, lightweight cotton so you’re comfortable and not overheated, and there are tons of designs and colors.

Depends / disposable underwear 

Not as exciting as a cute, cozy bathrobe, but hear me out.

For the first week or two, you’re going to have some heavy bleeding (if you pass clots larger than a golf ball or if your bleeding suddenly gets heavier after tapering off, call your OB). And while your hospital may give you a few “thunder pads” (as my friend so eloquently call them), they probably won’t last long enough.

Wearing Depends for those first few weeks is the easiest way to avoid super-stained panties, stretchy pants, and bedsheets.

The only thing is, packs usually contain more pairs than you need. Pass the extras along! My friend had a pack from her third birth, and she passed her leftover ones to me for my own third birth. While this may sound weird if you’re a first-time mom, trust me, I appreciated it.

Plenty of onesies 

While you’re shopping for cute and comfy though…let’s also throw in a few extra onesies for that little one. 

And by few extra…I really mean plenty. 

As a new mom, you will be surprised at how many onesies your little one is about to run through and you’ll be even more stunned at the reasons behind them! From blowouts to food spills (yours, as you’re eating with a baby in your arms) and everything in between, expect to run through 2-3 onesies on a daily basis (on a good day!). 

While this sounds like a lot, many companies (like Carter’s, which I LOVE) sell multipacks of bodysuits in coordinating colors.

Support from helpful people

As much as I know you’re about to be supermom, I also want to remind you of the super important fact that you don’t have to be

As it tends to happen when babies are born, everyone wants a piece of that happiness and so you will be offered tons and tons of help from genuinely caring people. Use it! 

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You will be tired, you will be cranky, you will be hungry, you will be smelly…you will be everything under the sun during your fourth trimester. For your mental health (as well as the well being of your precious newborn), it’s important to take the support from helpful people when you can so that you’re making sure to balance the needs of yourself, your household and this new bundle of joy that has tilted your entire world. 

It really does take a village, momma!

Did you get all those new mom must-haves?

I know you only just finished checking off the to-do list for the baby, but it’s important you go down this one too! 

The success of your fourth trimester takes into account your wellbeing as well, which is why it’s important to not only make sure the baby has everything she needs, but that you do as well. 

As a new mom, I’m sure you’ll discover other little tricks to make your life easier. However, until you figure that out, it’s my hope that these tried-and-tested recommendations of a mom of four will steer you in the right direction of an easy (and as blissful as possible) transition into your Fourth Trimester. 

And if you still haven’t made your baby registry, make sure you grab my free printable registry checklist so you know what you actually need (and what you can skip) by clicking here.

Have you been recommended something else not listed here? Drop it in the comments below!