If you desire a labor that allows you to connect with your baby through birth....

Download your copy of Meditations for Birth to start preparing for labor and delivery today!

Would you believe that one of the most powerful ways to prepare for your baby's birth is to listening to soothing messages as you fall asleep?

By using meditation to reduce the fear often surrounding birth, you can have a more satisfactory, gentle birthing experience that allows you to connect and partner with your baby. 

Listen to a sample of Meditation for Labor and Birth below.

Gentle mindfulness during labor facilities the body naturally opening itself. These 5 tracks are designed to teach you to be calm and present in the moment, even during labor and birth. 

These meditations are guided by my dear friend Sharon Green, an E-RYT500 Professional Kripalu Yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist with prenatal expertise. Her passion is to share with others how to reconnect with your self and your body through the interplay between breath and movement. 

What's Included

You'll receive 3 audio tracks and 2 training videos. You can download each audio track to iTunes or another program to play them nightly as you go to sleep (an excellent way to practice relaxation before the Big Day!).

Meditation for labor and birth

Contains 25 minutes of guided relaxation, perfect to listen to both before and during labor.

Yoga Nidra for pregnancy and labor

Also called "yogic sleep," this 30 minute track only asks you to lie down and listen, leaving you remarkably refreshed after the practice.

Vocal toning meditation

Use this shorter, 9 minute track to practice vocal toning, which can help with pain management during contractions!

Vocal toning training videos

Get the most out of vocal toning by learning the hows and whys. Also shows how to practice with a birthing partner to allow baby to learn your partner's voice early.

The sooner you get your copy, the earlier you can practice for labor.

While these meditations are useful for pregnancy and labor, whenever you start them, I suggest getting them by 20 weeks of pregnancy to have plenty of time to practice relaxation. That way, you'll be able to quickly and comfortably slip into a deep relaxation using these sound tracks when the time for labor and birth arrives.