Are you looking to work with a professional who has a heart for parents and parenting, with the scientific knowledge to back up what she says? Samantha has helped parents and families through her work in academia, the local community, her newsletter, and her website.

Samantha Radford earned her PhD in Chemistry with a focus in Public Health in 2012. She worked from 2012-2020 in higher education. In 2018, she began writing Evidence-based Mommy to empower parents to thrive while raising strong kids, starting in pregnancy and beyond.

She loves working with brands focused on helping new mothers with challenges such as birth, breastfeeding, and day-to-day life with young children.

As featured in

Samantha's education background makes her a highly engaging, informative speaker. She's interested in talking about:

  • How children and families are exposed to toxic chemicals, and how to avoid them
  • Breastfeeding, both infants and toddlers
  • How to prepare for the birth you want
  • Taking care of your emotional health as a parent

Please email me to discuss your needs for your upcoming event.

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Samantha loves to promote brands that she knows can benefit her readers. Email me for more information.

Consulting, Freelancing, and VA Work

I write for a wide variety of audiences. I love using my skills to make nuanced scientific and health issues accessible to readers.

Whether you're looking for a more casual article for a lay audience or a manuscript designed for an audience of scientists, I can help. My expertise is in environmental health, exposure science (how populations are exposed to toxicants in the environment), and toxicology. I have spent the past 8 years using my background in public health to research the intersection of environmental health and maternal/child health.

In addition, I have experience in building and designing multiple websites. I have training in search engine optimization, copywriting, and more. My data analysis background also allows me to easily create and edit spreadsheets. I look forward to working with you.

Please email me to discuss how we could work together.