Hello! I'm Samantha!

I'm so glad you came to Evidence-based Mommyl'm a mother of four, a PhD chemist, and my mission is to empower you to thrive while raising resilient, kind kids. 

With four kids running around, I know how hard it can be to keep it together. To stay calm when everything feels chaotic. To wonder if you're doing this whole parenting thing right.

Mommy and young son

I'll be honest,

I didn't really even want kids at first. I was too busy chasing my PhD at Emory's School of Public health. It's funny, because I was learning tons about mother and child health in graduate school, but it was all academic at the time. 

After I had my first child, I fell head over heels in love, and fast forward almost six years and here I am, pregnant with a fourth.

And the advanced degree I have? 

It hasn't gone to waste! I started as a professor of chemistry in 2012 and worked my way up to teaching Human Toxicology and other chemistry classes related to human health. I focused years of research into learning about how chemical exposures affect both unborn babies and children, as well as how toxicants and medications are passed through breastmilk.

Plus, I expanded my knowledge to cover how parenting styles affect the mental and physical health of children as they grow to adulthood. After having my own children, I had real motivation to learn all I could! I use resources available because of my degree to keep up with cutting-edge research on all of these topics.

And now I'm working towards staying home full-time with the kids. It all works out, because I can use all the knowledge I learned along the way (and am still learning every day) to help me parent effectively and to keep my family safe.  

The best part? Now I have the privilege of sharing my parenting research and experience with you!

If there's one thing you should know...

It's that I am not perfect. I've dealt with anxiety (some days I still do). Even though I'm a huge supporter of responsive, respectful parenting, I lose my cool more often than I prefer to admit. I've broken down crying because my baby cried and screamed all evening, every evening, for weeks.

But I'm learning all the time. Every time I falter, I have another chance to learn, an opportunity for a redo. I'd like to extend to you the same chance.

This is my passion:

I'm so excited to share my parenting knowledge!

I love love love providing empowering breastfeeding information (for newborns to toddlers and beyond!).

I love sharing my birth stories, both medicated and unmedicated, so people can learn just what an empowering (there's that word again!) experience birth can be.

But the heart of what I do? Everything on this blog is designed to help parents accept themselves and their children as they are, while giving parents the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.

Ready to dive deeper?

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