If you plan to work out anytime after your baby arrives, you’ll need to get some new sports bras. Your breast size (and even band size!) will change, and you’ll want to have easy access for nursing. That’s why I want to tell you about some of the best sports bras for nursing.

Whether you want to get back into intense workout sessions after your baby comes, or you’d rather take it easy with some gentle yoga or walks, a sports bra makes a big difference.

Even as your child gets older, you will want a breastfeeding sports bra if they’re still nursing. It makes everything easier when your little one wants to exercise with you (as mine often does).

However, finding the perfect nursing sports bra can be difficult to find.

On one hand, your breasts are likely to be more sensitive, and, well… larger. They’ll need more support than you likely needed before.

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At the same time, your breast size can fluctuate massively (over a cup size!) during the course of a day of nursing and/or pumping. So while you need your nursing sports bra to provide support and gentle compression, it also needs to be stretchy enough to work for you whether your breasts are comfortably empty or engorged (Note: If you’re so engorged that it hurts, stop and express just enough milk to be comfortable before you work out).

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Bottom line: A cheapy sports bra from your local big box store isn’t going to cut it anymore. That’s why I’ve partnered with Kindred Bravely, who provided a few of their best nursing sports bras to test out. I’m excited to share with you how I like them.

Best nursing sports bra all around – Sublime nursing sports bra

Whether you’re looking for breastfeeding sports bras for high impact exercise or something more low key, you’ll love the the Sublime nursing sports bra. Its cute, breathable design keeps you comfortable as you work out.

But what I really like is that it’s got 4-way stretch (but still provides support), and it comes with removable pads. This means you can wear it for yoga one day, and then go for a run the next and feel perfect for both activities.

Plus, breastfeeding access is super easy. It has clip down cups that easily pull out of the way (perfect if your toddler runs up and wants to nurse mid-workout).

And if you’re dealing with leaking breasts, it’s easy to put some absorbent breast pads (which KB carries here) into the cups for help.

The Sublime nursing sports bra is a great nursing bra for plus sizes as well. It runs from a 30B to a 44I. Just remember to measure when your breasts are fuller so you have plenty of room.

Check out the Sublime nursing sports bra here.

Best pumping sports bra – Sublime hands free pumping and nursing sports bra

If you work at a gym, or maybe you tend to stop by the gym after work before you pick up your little one, it’s helpful to have a bra that’s easy to pump in. That’s why Kindred Bravely made their hands free pumping and nursing sports bra.

This bra is a super comfortable pullover with clip down cups. It has a soft band and 4-way stretch cups separated so that you don’t get the dreaded “uniboob” that some sports bras can cause.

The hands-free pumping sports bra has an extra layer that fits around standard cup flanges, making it easy to pump in without having to hold the bottle (no more risk of accidentally dropping your milk!). Of course, if you need to breastfeed while wearing this bra, that works well too.

Just like the traditional nursing sports bra, the Sublime hands free pumping and nursing sports bra comes in sizes up to 44I. You can check it out here.

Prettiest – Simply Sublime lace racerback nursing sports bra

Am I the only one who gets jealous when watching videos of people doing barre? It seems like everyone has the cutest sports bras and flowy tops!

So when I saw the Simply Sublime lace racerback nursing sports bra, I knew I needed it. It comes in both a dusty rose color and in black.

Just like the other Kindred Bravely sports bras, this nursing bra has clips that allow you to pull the cups down for easy breastfeeding access. It’s supportive enough for most activities, but it’s also cute enough to wear for everyday if you prefer. I love wearing it with a top I have that shows off my back.

You can check out the Simply Sublime lace racerback nursing sports bra here.

Best tank with built in bra – Simply Sublime nursing tank

Finally, in case you want to wear a tank instead of just a sports bra, you can check out the Simply Sublime maternity & nursing tank. This nursing cami has a complete bra (not just a shelf bra) that’s made very similarly to the Sublime nursing sports bra, but with a bit less coverage.

The Simply Sublime nursing tank would be perfect for yoga, going for a walk with baby strapped on, or core exercises (chosen with your postpartum needs in mind).

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If you’re looking for a more every day nursing tank, you should check out my post about the best nursing tanks and camis.

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Want to learn more about Kindred Bravely’s full bra nursing tank? Click here.

How do you know what size nursing sports bra to get?

Your breasts will likely grow during pregnancy, and they’ll possibly gain another size or two during the first week of breastfeeding! Plus, pregnancy often causes your ribcage to expand.

For this reason, you’ll want to get a more recent measurement of your bust and underbust before buying new nursing sports bras. Luckily, Kindred Bravely has a simple size chart you can use to find out exactly what size you should get from them.

Is it okay to wear a sports bra while breastfeeding?

If you’ve ever tried to nurse in a traditional sports bra, you know it’s not very feasible. You either have to pull your breast up and out of the top (not comfortable), or bring it out under the bottom of your bra, letting it get squished by the band (really not comfortable). Plus, letting parts of your breasts get compressed like that while you’re nursing can lead to a clogged duct or even mastitis.

While some people recommend sports bras that zip up in the front for breastfeeding, that’s not really practical either. If your little one falls asleep in your lap after a nursing session, there’s no way you’ll get your bra zipped back up until nap time is over. Plus, you need to avoid too much compression from a traditional sports bra, which can lead to supply loss.

That’s why you need a sports bra specifically designed for breastfeeding. The clip-down cups are easy to get out of the way and easy to put back together one-handed.

Final thoughts on the best nursing sports bras

If you’re a nursing mom who is looking to get back into working out, don’t forget the importance of a good sports bra. A nursing sports bra can make all the difference in your comfort and support while you exercise.

And if you’re looking for a great option, I suggest checking out Kindred Bravely. They have a ton of different styles to choose from, and they’re super affordable. Plus, my readers can get 15% off their purchase by using my exclusive discount code (EBM15).

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a nursing sports bra and get back into movement. Your body will thank you for it.