Nursing camis are a must-have for any mom who wants to breastfeed after the baby arrives. But there’s so many styles; how do you choose? So if you’re interested in breastfeeding, take care of yourself and make sure you know how to choose the most comfy nursing tanks out there.

A nursing camisole makes things so much easier, especially in those first few weeks with baby. In fact, when I have a new baby, I wear a nursing cami pretty much every day.

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Nursing camis usually come with a shelf bra. The straps are adjustable (like a bra), and they have snaps on the strap right above the bust that allow the cup to fold down. This allows easy access to feeding.

Usually, nursing camis are slim fitting so they can be worn under a second shirt. However, you can find looser nursing camis (or ones with ruched sides that will fit seamlessly from pregnancy to postpartum).

Nursing camisoles are really helpful for breastfeeding in public (especially if you’re just getting used to it or if you’re worried about modesty – not that you need to be worried, but some moms are and that’s okay). Here’s how you can use a nursing cami to nurse your baby with practically no skin showing.

Wear a nursing cami (with or without a bra, depending on how much support you need) and put a shirt over that. When it’s time for baby to eat, just pull up the shirt, pull down the snap for access, and your baby will be nursing without any of your midriff showing. You’ll have just a little bit of skin out, and baby’s head will be covering it.

Or if you prefer, you can choose a nursing tank. This is a two-layered shirt that provides access either at the side of the bust or directly under the bust. It’s pretty convenient, and it looks like a shirt that can be worn on its own.

So here’s a list of the best, comfiest nursing camis out there.

Best nursing cami with built in bra – Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is a favorite nursing cami for a reason. Their Simply Sublime maternity tank has a built-in bra (not just a shelf). It’s so supportive that you won’t need to wear another one underneath (even with your changed postpartum shape).

But don’t worry, there’s no underwire on this bra, so there’s no fear of plugged ducts.

The clips make it easy to get access for nursing and pumping, and the adjustable straps plus stretchy sides are helpful for your changing breast size during pregnancy and postpartum.

Plus, this tank is soft and stretchy, making it comfortable during both pregnancy and postpartum. Best of all, the Simply Sublime tank is seamless (I’ve tried other brands that had super scratchy seams, making them really uncomfortable to wear).

This nursing tank is a little longer than most of the camis listed here, but that makes it easier to wear all the way through the third trimester.

No matter your size, the Simply Sublime nursing cami should work for you. It runs from cup sizes B-I and band sizes 30-44. This is a great plus size nursing tank cami.

And yes, the KB nursing cami is a little pricier than some others out there, but with its seamless construction and supportive built-in bra, it’s worth the investment. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $59, so you really only need to add a few bras to your cart to save money.

Best loose nursing tank – Kindred Bravely

If you want prefer a nursing tank that you can wear by itself (rather than a cami), Kindred Bravely still has you covered. This is a loose nursing tank top that will be comfortable all summer long. Plus, the bamboo fabric wicks moisture, keeping you cool even with a baby attached to you.

The loose fit plus slight bit of spandex allows you to wear this tank throughout pregnancy and into postpartum. This extra long nursing cami will cover your belly during pregnancy and be still comfortable after baby arrives. The bamboo nursing tank also comes in sizes S-XXL, so it covers a good range of sizes.

Plus, the double layers allow side access for breastfeeding, so you can feel more modest while still only wearing a tank top.

Check out Kindred Bravely’s bamboo nursing tank here.

Best v-neck nursing tank – KUCI

If you don’t feel like wearing two layers out, these nursing tank tops are a fantastic option. The cup pulls to the side instead of snapping down, so you still have easy access for breastfeeding.

These cute v-neck nursing tanks come in several fun colors and prints, so you’re not just stuck with white, gray, and black. Plus, they come in 2 packs and 3 packs, so they’re super affordable.

Although they look fitted, the ruched sides allow you to wear these nursing tanks through pregnancy and after baby arrives. There aren’t cups in the bust, so you’ll likely either want to wear a breast pad (especially if you’re leaking!) or a nursing bra with it.

Fair warning: If you prefer more coverage of your cleavage, you may want a different top. But if you’re okay with the deep v-neck, go for it!

Best double front-layered nursing tank – Bearsland

These pretty tank tops rate so well that moms say they are wearing them even after they’re done breastfeeding. They come in several sophisticated and floral prints, so you can pick whatever fits your mood.

This flowy design is perfect if you’re not feeling ready for clothes that cling to your shape. Plus, it fits even during late pregnancy, so you can use it both before and after baby arrives.

The tiered ruffle design cleverly hides nursing access underneath. Plus, you can get many of these in packs of 2 or 3, so you’ll have lots of options.

(NOTE: You’ll want to size down on these tanks. Otherwise they’ll likely be too large.)

Best side-access nursing tank – PARNIXS

Another great flowy option for hot summer days, these nursing tanks are super comfy and cute. They’re available from size S to XXL, so they are available in plus size.

One thing to watch out for – in windy weather, the outer layer may blow to the side, leaving you exposed if you’re not wearing a bra! But these tanks come in lots of fun colors and cute patterns.

Best nursing cami for pumping – Kindred Bravely Sublime hands-free pumping and nursing tank

I’ll be honest… pumping can suck (pun intended). One of the biggest annoyances is having to hold the flanges in your hand, so you’re just stuck unable to go anywhere or do anything.

A hands-free pumping bra makes things much easier. And sure, you can do it the old fashioned way (aka, cut holes in the front of an old sports bra), but if you can get a cami designed for pumping and nursing, that’s even better.

That’s why the KB hands-free pumping tank is so genius. It has two layers that clip separately. The inner layer has a hole where you can insert your pump flange, or you can take both layers down for easy nursing.

Best value nursing cami – Under Control

If you’re looking for a cheaper cami option for layering, this three pack is a great choice. It comes in neutral colors and is nice and long.

The lower half of this nursing cami has side ruching, which allows it to fit both during pregnancy and postpartum. However, I’ve personally felt self-conscious with side-ruched tops postpartum because it felt like it emphasized my abdominal separation.

nursing camisoles

These tanks have a shelf bra, so depending on the amount of support and coverage you like, you may or may not need to put another bra underneath.

Which style of nursing tank is best?

As you can see, there are plenty of nursing tank tops styles. Although they resemble standard tanks in many aspects, some things help us differentiate them.

  • The majority of them come with clip-down straps, which is super-convenient regardless of where you are nursing. They often have a shelf bra or other support, so you don’t need a nursing and pumping bra.
  • Nursing tanks are generally nice and stretchy to allow easy access and to be comfortable for your changing pregnant and postpartum body.
  • Other tanks pull over to the side or have a ruffle to cover nursing access.

Do you wear a bra with a nursing tank?

If you’re wondering if you need a bra with your nursing cami, it’s honestly up to you. Just make sure you choose a nursing bra to make things easier.

If you prefer a bra, Kindred Bravely has really fantastic, super comfortable nursing bras that are supportive but still provide some stretch (because your breast size changes throughout the day when nursing). I like the Simply Sublime Nursing bra best because it’s so comfy and it looks nice under clothing.

But if you prefer to just let the tank serve as your bra too, that’s totally fine. Many brands have a shelf bra included so you get some coverage.

Why you need a nursing tank

You may be wondering, Can’t I just wear whatever I want? Why do I need a nursing tank?

While I’m all for a minimalist baby registry, nursing camis really are must-haves in your postpartum wardrobe. They’re comfy and convenient. If you worry about modesty while nursing (not that you should to worry, but if you do that’s okay), a nursing tank makes public breastfeeding way easier.

Nursing with a regular t-shirt likely requires you to pull your shirt up, showing your belly. But if you have a tank underneath, your midriff really won’t show.

In those first few weeks of breastfeeding, your breasts are likely to be extra full and will need extra support. And while a bra provides support, it can be uncomfortable. A nursing cami provides more gentle support while also keeping nursing pads in place to avoid leaks.

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How many nursing tanks do I need?

If you’re wondering how many nursing camis you should get before your baby arrives, it’s kind of up to you. I personally suggest at least 3 – one to wash, one to wear, one to spare.

I’d also suggest multiple colors – white, black, and grey at a minimum (like this well-loved 3 pack from HOFISH). There’s also a red, blue, and navy pack if you prefer.

Conclusions on best nursing camis

As you’ve probably found, shopping for pregnancy and maternity clothes is not a simple task. Often, it’s hard to tell what items are essential, and which to skip.

But if you’re breastfeeding, nursing camis are definite must-haves. Let me know what questions you have about the comfiest nursing tanks.

Rachel Hudson is a journalist and a blogger living in California writing articles for websites since 2015. She has a degree in medicine and covers everything related to health, wellness, etc., including motherhood and breastfeeding.