Looking for a non-toxic mattress for your kids may feel intimidating. You know you want a safe sleep surface for them, but you may not know where to start when it comes to finding affordable organic mattresses.

Let’s be honest: Most organic mattresses are much more expensive than their traditional counterparts. The materials, testing, and certifications for organic mattresses all cost more than polyurethane foam, so it makes sense that non-toxic mattresses have a higher cost.

But with that said, mattresses are one of the biggest sources of toxic chemicals in our home. Flame retardants, volatile organic chemicals, formaldehyde… all these chemicals are commonly found in typical mattresses. And they can cause life-long health effects in the brain, reproductive system, and more (especially for kids).

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That’s why I was so excited to learn about My Green Mattress’s Kiwi Mattress for kids. The Kiwi is an economical non-toxic mattress, made in a family-owned factory in Illinois.

I’m grateful to have partnered with My Green Mattress, who sent me a Kiwi Organic Mattress to try out for my toddler. Here’s my review of the Kiwi mattress, which I love for my little guy (and it’s pretty comfortable for me too!).

Non-toxic features of Kiwi mattress

Mattresses are one of the most dangerous sources of hazardous chemicals in a home. The synthetic foams, flame retardants, and other components of a traditional mattress can all off-gas toxicants.

Because the levels of these pollutants are highest near the surface of the bed (where your kid’s head is resting and breathing room is), it’s critical to choose a non-toxic mattress.

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Picture of my hand pressing on the Kiwi mattress's hand tufted surface

In fact, Tim, the owner of My Green Mattress, was inspired to create an organic mattress because of his daughter Emily’s severe allergies and eczema. He found that once he built her a non-toxic mattress, her symptoms quickly disappeared.

(By the way, My Green Mattress has a crib mattress too. Its name? The Emily. Too sweet!)

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The great thing about the Kiwi Mattress is that it’s made with natural materials like organic wool and latex, and is free of harmful chemicals.

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The Kiwi is made with no polyurethane foam or memory foam (which often release toxic volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)).

In addition, the Kiwi is needle-tufted by hand, avoiding the need for adhesives (which often release formaldehyde).

Because wool is naturally flame resistant, there are no chemical flame retardants added to the Kiwi. This further reduces toxicants that you or your child may be exposed to.

The wool, cotton, and latex are all certified organic (by GOTS and GOLS), meaning there’s undetectable levels of lead or other heavy metals and that these materials are produced in a sustainable, socially responsible manner. It is also Greenguard Gold certified, meaning that VOC levels are extremely low.

Together, these certifications mean that the Kiwi is safe from toxic dyes, pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and many other toxic compounds.

Is the Kiwi mattress comfortable?

We got a twin dual-sided Kiwi mattress for my 2-year-old, and it’s pretty comfortable!

This mattress is firm, but that’s great for a toddler (especially when you’re transitioning from a crib mattress, which is even firmer). I’ve fallen asleep on it a few times myself while trying to help my little one go down.

The Kiwi also has great edge support, meaning it doesn’t fold under your weight. If you’re looking at the Kiwi for cosleeping, this is a fantastic feature (because babies and toddler have this magical ability to shove you all the way to the edge of your mattress).

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Because of its firmness level, the Kiwi is great for toddlers and children. It’s also perfect for adult back and stomach sleepers between 130-230 lbs (59-105 kg), or side sleepers over 230 lbs (105 kg).

head of twin sized bed with Kiwi mattress and Mario decor

One thing to keep in mind: Because this mattress is around 10 inches tall (with a cotton cover, 1.25 inch organic latex layer, 10 inch of wool batting, and 8 inch steel coil layer), it’s probably not best for bunk beds. For that, you’d want the Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress, which has a lower profile of only 8 inches.

How will the Kiwi Mattress ship?

You’ll be surprised at how small the box is that your mattress comes in! The air is pressed out of the mattress and it’s tightly rolled before being shipped to your home.

When you open it, just unroll the plastic around it (instead of cutting). It’s actually a lot easier that way and it will fluff right up.

How does the Kiwi organic mattress price compare to other organic mattresses?

The Kiwi organic mattress is a great choice for parents looking for an eco-friendly and non-toxic option for their kids. Made with certified organic latex, wool and cotton, the Kiwi is free of harmful chemicals and flame retardants. Plus, it’s one of the least expensive organic mattresses.

I’m really impressed that the Kiwi has so many great certifications, especially at its price point. At the time of this writing, a twin is only $749, and you can get a queen for less than $1100 (it’s slightly more to get a dual-sided mattress so you can flip it for longevity).

The only cheaper non-toxic mattress out there is the Avocado Eco Organic mattress. However, it’s missing a few of the details that the Kiwi has.

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The Eco Organic is not hand-tufted like the Kiwi. There’s also no dual-sided option. Both of these facts mean the Eco Organic may not have quite the same lifetime as the Kiwi.

Where can you buy Kiwi mattress?

My Green Mattress is found in the Quality Sleep Shop showroom in La Grange, Illinois, so if you want to physically check out a mattress before you buy, you’ll need to go there.

Fortunately, My Green Mattress allows you to purchase online, and they have a generous trial and return policy. You have 120 days to test your mattress and make sure you love it.

Side of kiwi mattress with My Green Mattress logo on it

Check out My Green Mattress here.

My Green Mattress Kiwi review: Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a non-toxic mattress on a budget, the Kiwi mattress is a great option. It’s affordable and contains no harmful chemicals or flame retardants, and it’s made here in the United States.

Plus, it comes with a 120-night trial so you can be sure it’s the right fit for your family. Protect your loved ones from harmful toxins by investing in an eco-friendly mattress like the Kiwi today.