Whether you’re pregnant with your first, second, or on your way to making a whole baseball team, it’s exciting to tell your husband (or partner) that you’re pregnant. That’s why I love these fun pregnancy announcement ideas for your husband.

And while it’s hard to keep the secret for very long (especially if you’re sick or fatigued), it can be fun to wait long enough to surprise your partner with the big news that you’re expecting. 

Pin with woman looking at pregnancy test that says "15 ways to tell your partner you're pregnant"

Honestly, I wasn’t very good at waiting to tell my husband. I usually told him I was going to take the test, disappeared to the bathroom, and then came back with it.

But for our fourth, I was a little more creative (I used suggestion #11). And honestly, the look on his face was totally worth the wait.

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Waiting until just the right moment to tell him can be half the fun, and makes for a memorable pregnancy announcement. Here are 15 creative ideas for surprising your husband with the news that you’re pregnant.

Tell him over his favorite dinner

You know that meal or dish that he loves? If you’re up for it, make it that night so he knows there’s something special in store. (If you’re not a cook or you’d rather take him out, that’s good too).

man and woman out at lunch before woman tells him she's pregnant

If your pregnancy is a shock to him, it’ll be even more of a fun surprise when you announce it while he’s eating his favorite food.

If you can, be sure to take video to capture the moment when you tell him (if you go out, perhaps you can ask another diner or even a waiter to take the video).

Give him a little note

Pregnancy reveals to your husband don’t have to be big and flashy. If you’re waiting to surprise him, it can be fun to give him a little note or even just write it on his coffee cup with a dry-erase marker.

sticky note with little heart drawn on it stuck on laptop to announce pregnancy to husband

If he’s going to work that day, you can drop a pregnancy note into his briefcase, lunch bag, or coat pocket (if you don’t think he’ll be so shocked he can’t work well lol). Working from home? Put a post-it note on his laptop screen.

Give him a Father’s Day card a little early

front of card that says "the only thing better than having you as a husband" - inside reads "is our baby having you for a daddy"

Did you find out about your pregnancy in late May or early June? It could be really fun to get him a Father’s Day card to surprise him.

(And if you just can’t wait that long to tell him? Give it to him early.)

Let siblings in on the fun

Do you already have a child? The big brother or sister will be happy to help share the news.

t-shirt with video game controller on it that says "leveling up to big brother"
t-shirt with rainbow that says "big sister"

For a toddler or preschooler, get a big brother shirt or big sister shirt and let them walk up to Daddy wearing it. The most fun part might be waiting to see how long it takes him to notice what it says.

If your child is old enough to read, this tactic may need a little work. You can either let them in on the surprise a little early, or you can give them a wrapped gift to hand Dad when they see him.

Let your pet help share the news

Does your pregnancy come with a furry friend in tow? Let the dog in on the pregnancy announcement.

black and white bandanas that say "my parents are getting me a human"

Get one of these cute pregnancy announcement bandanas and tie it around Fido’s neck. Then, sit back and wait for your partner to notice.

Get him the Dada book

When Jimmy Fallon and his wife had their first child, he had a devious plot to get her to say “dada” first. While his plan failed (she totally said “mama first), he did get a New York Times Bestseller out of it.

Picture of "Your baby's first word will be dada" by Jimmy Fallon

Get your husband Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada. Not only will it give him a fighting chance of being your little one’s first word, it’s also a super fun way to let him know he’s going to be a dada.

Give him a box of baby items

baby items including onesie, stuffed animal, booties, teether, bottle mittens, pacifier, and brush and comb

This is definitely an easy pregnancy announcement to pull off. Simply put together some baby books, a lovey, and a cute onesie for dad. Then, wrap them and give them to your partner. He’ll be surprised and excited.

Get him a onesie with his favorite sports team

Is your husband a sports fanatic? Get him a baby onesie that’s his team’s colors.

Atlanta Braves rookie of the year onesie

You might even be able to find a pair of shirts – one for him, and one for your new baby – for them to wear together.

Connect a gift to his hobby

Daddy's little helper onesie with wrench on it
silicone teething toys - wrench, pliers, and hammer

Of course, not all dads are into sports. But don’t worry, no matter what his hobby – video games, hiking, racing… there’s a husband pregnancy announcement gift that fits. I love these little auto mechanic onesie and tool-shaped teething toys, but there’s a million options to choose from.

Get him a dad joke book

The Book of Terribly Awesome Dad Jokes

Does your partner already have a corny sense of humor? Then he’ll love this way to make his dad joke status official.

Ask him to be available for your due date

If your husband has a job outside the home, you’ll likely want him to take some time off when the baby is born, both so he can bond with your new little one and so he can help.

Once find out your due date, then ask him to take off from work around then. You can either ask him to figure out why, or you can tell him yourself.

This is what I did with my own husband for baby #4. I asked him to make sure to take some time off in early-to-mid January. When he asked me why with a puzzled face, I pulled out my positive pregnancy test and showed it to him. His jaw dropped, and then he had a big smile. Finally, after four pregnancies (and him getting to surprise me about the sex of our third child), I got him!

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Give your baby announcement to your husband with his morning coffee

Believe it or not, you can have your pregnancy announcement in his coffee. Get this fun mug that looks plain but has a secret message on the inside.

Inside of mug that says "we're going to have a baby!"

I love this idea because if he likes to drink his coffee from a mug, you’ll get a chance to see his reaction.

Only problem: Sometimes pregnancy makes you sensitive to strong smells (like, you know, coffee). So if you’re like me when pregnant and start gagging as soon as the smell of java starts to permeate the room, this might not work.

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Give him a pair of booties

There’s possibly nothing more classic than a pair of booties to make you think of a new baby. Fortunately, they’re easy to buy if you can’t knit.

knitted grey booties for baby

You can also get creative with the color or pattern to match something special about your pregnancy. If you’re having a baby in late fall, try some adorable red or green booties.

(Side note: If you actually want your baby to wear these one day, make sure to get them with a soft bottom that feels more like socks than shoes. It’s best for a baby’s foot development to not wear shoes with soles until they’re walking.)

Just leave the positive test somewhere and wait for him to find it

This pregnancy announcement idea is quick and easy. All you have to do is leave your positive pregnancy test somewhere that you know he’ll see: His stationary bike, his seat at the dining room table, or his bathroom sink beside the toothpaste.

Just remember to cap the used test before placing it, and if you have an older child or pet who gets into stuff, choose somewhere that they can’t reach.

Put the positive test in a box and give it to him

woman surprising husband with pregnancy

If you want to make things a little more formal, you can get a gift box (an old necklace box would be just the right size), put a bow on it, and then give it to him. This way, you’re sure to see his immediate reaction.

Conclusions on how to announce your pregnancy to your husband

So, whether you’re looking for a funny or more formal way to tell your husband that you’re pregnant, there’s definitely an idea here that will work for you. Whether you choose to announce in a cute, creative way or simply blurt it out over dinner, one thing is for sure: It will be an exciting moment for both of you.

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, and sharing the news with your loved ones makes it all the more special. Have you told your partner yet? If not, try one of these methods—we promise he won’t be able to resist giving you a big hug (and maybe even tears of happiness). Just make sure to take into account your partner’s personality and interests when choosing the right announcement.

And most importantly, have fun with it! Let us know in the comments how you told your partner about your new addition.

excited woman standing in front of her husband with a positive pregnancy test