Who is the evidence-based mommy?

Evidence-Based Mommy

Hi! I’m Samantha, and I’m the mother of two little girls and a little boy. I’m excited about empowering parents to raise their children in a way they can be confident in. To do that, I’m sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained while researching how to best connect with your children, as well as how to keep yourself calm enough to respond instead of react, even when it’s difficult. I’m also sharing my knowledge on chemical exposures that I’ve gained through my PhD in chemistry focusing on public health and the environment.

So more about me…

I’ve been trying to bring back the banana clip since about 1998.  

In my spare time after working as a chemistry professor at a local university and then wrangling three young children to bed, I either stay up way too late blogging or fall asleep by eight o’clock, whichever comes first.

Evidence-Based Mommy

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