It’s hard to sort through all the different brands of products and know which ones are best. That’s why I made this resource page to help.

Resources are blocked by chapters in the Chemicals and Your Family course.

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Medications and supplements

Child-safe pill organizer

This is the exact one I have and nope, kids can’t get into it. Heck, it took me a while to figure out how to open it. Use it yourself or buy one for the grandparents for when they come visit!

Magnesium supplements

This is the form your body will actually absorb. The cheaper version, magnesium oxide, will do you little to no good!

Some people prefer magnesium oil over an oral supplement. Both will work well.


The powdered form is cheaper per unit, and it’s easier to take a larger amount without having to take a whole bunch of pills (also, this large tub shown here is cheaper per ounce that you can get it at Target).

If you want the more convenient form, you may want to go for collagen capsules, but you’ll need to take multiple pills a day.

Elderberry syrup

If you don’t want to make your own, this is a good brand.

Elderberry gummies are a good option if that’s easier for you and your kids.

Natural kid’s cough syrup

This all-natural cough syrup is safe for kids and actually tastes good. Our kids love it!

Personal hygiene

Fluoride-free kid’s toothpaste

My kids love this brand.

Around the home

E-cloth Starter pack

E-cloths are great for cleaning throughout the home using just water.

E-cloth mop

E-cloth also has a microfiber mop that comes with an extra head. It does a great job.

Disinfectant approved by both the EPA and the EWG

Windex Multi-Surface Disinfectant uses L-Lysine as its disinfectant and is safer than bleach.

Lead paint test swabs

Check the paint (especially around your windowsills!) if you’re in a home built before the early 1980’s. Get lead tests here.

Raised garden bed

If you’re in an urban setting or in an older industrial area and wanting to grow your own veggies, you will need a raised garden bed to protect yourself from lead or other heavy metals.