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Pregnancy, labor and birth resources

Mama natural weekly pregnancy updates

Want to know week-by-week what’s going on with your baby AND how you can use your time to prepare for a natural, peaceful birth? Sure, there’s lots of weekly pregnancy updates out there, but Mama Natural’s is designed specifically for women who want to learn about their baby with a more holistic approach. Sign up for your pregnancy updates today!

Meditations for pregnancy and labor

Would you believe you can be actively preparing for a calm, natural labor and birth by simply sitting or lying comfortably? Or even while falling asleep? It’s true!

Check out our meditations for pregnancy and labor, co-written with my dear friend and yoga teacher Sharon Green. These meditations are designed to keep you at peace and in control, even during active labor.

Learn more about the meditations.

Breastfeeding education and resources

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class from Milkology

This is the only online breastfeeding program I’d recommend, and it is fantastic. As Stacey, the Certified Lactation Consultant who wrote the course, says, you can learn to breastfeed in 90 minutes while sitting in your pajamas!

This resource is one of most affordable, value-packed online courses out there. Whether you’re still pregnant or have a new baby, check out the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class.

Parenting coaching

Are you struggling with parenting, work-life balance, or any of the other challenges that come with motherhood?

Whether you’ve been a mom a few days or several years, you know we can all use support! Get more information on our coaching sessions and check out our packages here.