Are you ready to stop second-guessing whether what you're buying to nourish your family is actually harming them?

You know there's a lot of scary chemicals out there, but you're just not sure how to avoid them.

This morning you read an article about yet another chemical that can cause permanent damage to your child’s body, and it’s stressing you out.

That’s why when you’re walking through the produce section, you check out the organic strawberries. But holy cow, they cost twice as much as the regular ones! Are they really worth it?

It’s not just you. Here’s the real problems with protecting your family:

There’s big money to be made in marketing “natural” or “chemical-free” products – are these companies being honest?


There are more than 80,000 chemicals registered for use, and many of them have never been tested for safety by any regulatory agency.

Regulatory bodies like the FDA, CDC, and EPA don’t always base recommendations on the most recent science.

You shouldn't have to whip out your phone for a giant Google search every time you want to buy mac and cheese.

All you need is a little help...

so you can make the best choices to protect your family without spending an arm and a leg.

That's why I've distilled (no pun intended) all my knowledge from my Chemistry and Public Health PhD into a simple, actionable course for parents.

Get everything you need in…

Avoid hidden toxic chemicals and protect your family without going crazy.

Toxin Free Living doesn’t just tell you a ton of scary information that you can do nothing about. That’s not helpful.

This course is made to help you take back your power regarding what your family is exposed to. You’ll…

frozen vegetables to save money
  • Easily choose foods that keep your family safe (without spending all your money at Whole Foods).

  • Learn which cooking methods actually add nutrients to your food (and which add toxic chemicals instead)

  • Find out which food storage methods are best to protect you from phthalates and more.

I'm Dr. Samantha Radford.

Samantha Radford

I earned my PhD in Chemistry and Public Health in 2012 from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. From there, I became an Assistant Professor teaching Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology courses, focusing on the impact of chemicals on human health.

Because children are so vulnerable to toxic chemicals, much of my research was focused on maternal-child health. And now that I have four kids of my own, I’m personally vested in finding the best ways to protect my family. Let me share what I’ve learned with you.