Hold up, Mama...

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But if you secretly worry that often, you REALLY struggle to be the cool, calm, mom that you want to be, keep reading…


I see you, overwhelmed Mama...

You know the drill: You’re trying to get dinner on the table. Your oldest two kids are arguing over a toy, loudly. The toddler is hangry and wailing, wrapped around your leg while you’re trying to cook. And of course, your husband is kept late at work (again). You are literally gritting your teeth, trying to keep your ish together.

And then you snap. Now, all three kids are crying. You feel like crap, and oh, dinner burned while you were busy yelling at everyone.

You work so hard to not yell at your kids, but you can’t stop. And you’re afraid: What if someone knew just how angry I get?

Wondering what makes you fly off the handle?
If you guessed...

  • Your kids are terrible
  • You just aren’t “self-disciplined” enough (even though you know how hard you work at calm)
  • Work/home life/whatever is just too stressful (I mean, maybe, but there’s always stressors in life)
  • You need to get more accomplished to feel good about yourself and stop stressing (but let’s be real: You’re such an overachiever that nothing you do ever feels like enough)

...you'd need to guess again.


Here’s why you always feel like you’re one moment from a meltdown…

Parenting is relentless.

As my friend with four grown children told me, “Being home with young kids is a crazy, fabulous s#!% show.”

Old thought patterns keep you stuck.

The worn-out tapes looping in your head prevent your growth as a parent and a person.

You were never taught to regulate your own emotions.

So how can you possibly expect yourself to be a perfect, unflappable mom from 50’s TV?

You don't need to just listen to another parenting podcast. You need to reflect on your situation, apply new skills, and get reminders that you can do this mom thing.

All of which you can do in…


Go on a journey of self-renewal...

During From Reactive to Responsive, you won’t just listen to information. You’re actually going to apply what you learn, with links to great tools, journal pages that guide you toward reflection, and printable reminders that you can do this mom thing!

This transformational course will teach you to:

  • Recognize the triggers making you lose your cool
  • Put simple systems in place to reduce stress
  • See the negativity keeping you stuck
  • Replace damaging thought patterns with new ones that will help you actually do better
  • Repair the relationship when you accidentally blow up at your kids
  • Teach your kids the skills they need to control their own reactivity
  • Connect with your kids and actually enjoy your time together!

Praise for From Reactive to Responsive...

Wow, I felt like Samantha was talking right to me throughout this course! She understood where I'm coming from and made me feel like my challenges are normal while also giving practical strategies for becoming a calmer, more responsive mom to my two young children. The journal prompts were really helpful for digging deeper into the moments where I feel angry and understand the real emotions behind them. Thank you for putting this course together!
Mom and small business owner

Here's how From Reactive to Responsive can change your relationship with your kids...


your stressors before you get wound up. That way, you can stop an emotional storm before it starts.


toxic thought patterns with more positives ones that grow you into the mom you want to be.


your connection with your kids, plus model for them how to handle their own big feelings.


  • 8 lesson modules to teach you how to regulate your emotions (with video, downloadable audio, and transcript options all available)
  • Journal prompts for each week, designed to transform your mind
  • Tips to relate better to your child

… plus $20 in BONUSES:

  • Mini Mindful Mama Meditations
  • Printable Mindful Mama Affirmations
  • Links to helpful, free resources
  • A copy of my routine for good days with little kids

Here's what you'll do...

Module 1

Find out what you really want from your life, plus your goals related to this course.

Module 2

Learn why you’re so reactive and what you can do to reduce those triggers, even if you’re crazy busy.

Module 3

Let’s replace the negativity that keeps you stuck and learn how to take control of your situation. 

Module 4

Mindfulness makes a huge difference in our ability to be responsive. This module teaches you how to be more mindful (without spending hours in meditation).

Module 5

You know those moments when it feels like chaos all around you and you’re about to lose it? Practicing this one question will help you get your head on straight.

Module 6

Even though you’ve learned all these new skills, you aren’t perfect! This module is about how to repair relationship when you lose your cool.

Module 7

Wish you’d been taught emotional regulation when you were a kid (instead of, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”)? Here’s your chance to break the cycle.

Module 8

When you feel more in control, it’s easier to connect with your kids and have fun. So enjoy your new relationship with them!


Mini Mindful Mama Meditations, my good days with little kids schedule, Mindful Mama Printable Affirmations, and more – a $20 value.

Loving your life with your kids just got a whole lot easier.

Before taking From Reactive to Responsive, I found myself yelling to get the attention of my young daughters (ages 2 and 5) when they were arguing and yelling at each other over a toy. As my voice got louder, so did my anger and frustration levels. Samantha has lots of great tips and journal questions that helped me to dig into what was causing that and what to do about it in the moment. I learned to pause a moment and acknowledge that the situation is not an emergency before responding, which has made a huge difference for both my girls and myself. While the knowledge I learned in this course, I even created a new family mantra. We now say, 'There is time to be kind,' and we're able to use our nice, kind voices with one another. The girls are still learning not to raise their voices at each other, but Mommy has learned to keep her cool.
Mom of two girls

Hi, I'm Samantha.

Samantha Radford

I have four kids of my own, and I know how hard it can be to juggle family, a demanding career (both outside the home and from home), and just day-to-day life.

I wrote From Reactive to Responsive based on the lessons I’ve learned from years of research and working through my own issues around feeling “not good enough” as a parent. I’ve taken my drive to learn evidence-based practices (I am a PhD scientist, after all) and applied to it parenting. And now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you.


  • 8 lesson modules to teach you how to regulate your emotions (with video, downloadable audio, and transcript options all available)
  • Journal prompts for each week, designed to transform your mind
  • Tips to relate better to your child
  • $22 in BONUS material


(That’s lifetime access for less than a Target run…)



This program was built for those in the thick of mom life, with babies, toddlers, big kids running (or crawling) in every direction. 

I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned with you, so you can wrangle your mind so you can get out of your own way and FINALLY enjoy your life with your kids (just like you deserve).

Because your kids need you. And if you’re living in your head, constantly feeling stressed about your never-ending to do list, you’ll miss out on the moments with the people who matter most.


I mean, maybe?

While there are a lot of parenting courses out there designed to change your kids, we need to be honest: Your kids aren’t taking the course. You are.

From Reactive to Responsive is about helping you become the parent you’re meant to be. As you learn to parent more respectfully, your child will see first hand how to show respect to you.

This course will require some thoughtful self-evaluation and participation for you to receive the full benefit from it.

With that said, From Reactive to Responsive is not not a quick fix, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this course won’t be for you. I am not here to offer you “parenting hacks” or to guarantee results from using “this one simple trick,” because let’s be real, parenting isn’t something that you hack.

But if you’re ready to dig deep, ditch the stress, and dive into calm, then join us!

The course starts whenever you’re ready! And while it’s set up with week-by-week chapters, it’s self-paced. You decide when to start and when to finish.

And if months, or even years, later you decide you want a refresher, you can jump back into your favorite lessons at any point.

Nope! You can download the audio files for each lesson so you can listen whenever you want.

If you prefer video, then yes, you’ll need to log in for each lesson.

So you can work on becoming a more calm parent while folding laundry, prepping dinner, or driving to work. 

This course is housed on a platform, meaning after you hit buy, you’ll be emailed log-in info for the member’s area. You’ll just log in and have access to all the videos, audio, and transcripts/journal print outs.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: This program is not therapy. I am not a psychologist, and I am not able to diagnose or treat any clinical conditions. If you are suffering from severe depression or anxiety, please seek help from a professional therapist.

But honestly? This course could be helpful to combine with therapy.

Because here’s the truth: I have been there. I know what it’s like to be on the edge of losing control because you’re so overwhelmed by life with your kids.

And I’ve done a lot of research (like, in primary academic literature, not just what Google says) and a lot of work to get through my own issues. Plus, I’m learning every day.

I know that if you’re willing to put in the work, what I’m sharing can help you.

I only want you to join From Reactive to Responsive if you’re ready to make a change and see amazing results in your life and your family’s life.

So if you get in and decide the course isn’t for you, you have one week to contact me to receive a refund.

Don't spend another week feeling like you're just surviving until bedtime every single night.


    • 8 lesson modules to teach you how to regulate your emotions (with video, downloadable audio, and transcript options all available)
    • Journal prompts for each week, designed to transform your mind
    • Tips to relate better to your child

    … plus $20 in BONUSES:

    • Mini Mindful Mama Meditations
    • Printable Mindful Mama Affirmations
    • Links to helpful, free resources
    • A copy of my routine for good days with little kids


Act now to learn how to stay grounded even when your kids are acting like, well... kids.