You know those days when your kid whines, “I’m sooooo boooooored!  There’s nothing to do!” and you think to yourself, You little ingrate, there’s toys all over the place.  Just pick one!

Oh wait, is that just me?

What if I told you that this kind of problem can be at least partially solved without having to go buy a bunch of new toys?

What about those days when you walk into the house and are like, “Oh em gee, there is stuff everywhere.  All these toys are gonna drive me insane!”

Oh wait, is that just me?

What if I told you that this kind of problem can be at least partially solved without getting rid of everything your kid owns?

In fact, what if I told you that these two issues have the exact same solution?

I’m excited to have hosted Katrina Gleason, a minimalism and lifestyle coach, so that we could talk about a win-win:  toy rotation!

It goes like this:  Gather up all the toys.  Go through them and do a thorough job picking the toys that actually serve your child (no toys that are “too young” for your kid, no broken toys, no toys that you detest and therefore make you cranky every time they’re brought out) and either trash or donate the rest (for me, doing this works best without the kids around).  Then, sort the rest of your toys.  At the end, only put out a few of the toys for your child and make sure they’re arranged attractively.  Put the rest into storage.

Think of what your children can do in all that open space?  I almost guarantee your they’ll will be excited by the results.

And then, in a month or two when they’re over all the toys that are out and aren’t playing, that’s your signal.  Put up the toys you have out (there’s only a few, so it’s not a big deal, right?) and then rotate in a new batch of toys.

Watch what happens.

If you’re skeptical, it can’t hurt to try.  Plus, science has shown that clutter does indeed stress Mommas out (not that you needed a scientific study to tell you that!).  Toy rotation is a fantastic way to greatly decrease the clutter in your house.

How do I reduce the number of toys in my kids’ play space?

Check out my interview with Katrina below, where we discuss how toy rotation can save your sanity,  how it makes play more fun and engaging for your kids, and which toys are best for your child developmentally.

Want even more from a coach who works specializes in minimalism and play?  Avital at The Parenting Junkie has a ton of fantastic information on play.  I’ll be honest, a lot of how I’ve set up my children’s playspaces, as well as how I’ve chosen which toys to keep and to invest in, is based on her work.

Want to know which toys are favorites in our house? Check out this post for ideas that won’t break the bank!

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