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How to give your kids a growth mindset

learning through play

You probably want your kids to be smart. Not only that, but you want them to love learning! The best way to promote this trait is something called a growth mindset.

So what is a growth mindset, and how to we give it to our kids?

More to the point, what do we often do that squashes our child’s love of learning, and how can we avoid these behaviors? Learn more about promoting a growth mindset in your kids in this post! (more…)

5 ways to help your picky kid eat better

baby eating spaghetti

Almost every night, I set a plate down in front of General Leia, and for at least one food on there, she whines, “I don’t like this!” which is inevitably parroted by Bella Bean:  “I don’t like dis!”  Yet they end up eating at least some of it. My kids actually have a pretty varied diet, and I feel confident that their palette will continue to expand as they get older.  So how is this happening?

In Parts I, II, and III of this series, we established the pros and cons of buying organic food.  In Part IV, we talked about how you can get the most bang for your buck, nutritionally speaking, by buying groceries selectively.  But we all know that the most healthful food in the world isn’t going to help your kid if he or she won’t eat it.  So what do we do when our child is really used to a narrow diet and is unwilling to try new foods?

First and foremost, relax.  Think back to yourself when you were a kid.  Did you refuse a lot of foods then that you like, or even love, now?  Or do you at least know of someone else who you saw grow up to eat a more varied diet?  So see?  It’s going to be okay. (more…)

Positive parenting vs authoritarian parenting – the effects on your kids

reading to kids

You’ve probably heard a lot about positive parenting over the past few years. It seems everyone is recommending it as the best way to raise your kids.

But what is positive parenting? How is it different from other parenting styles? Why is it more effective than more traditional parenting, such as the authoritarian parenting that many of us grew up with?

Let’s talk through where our parenting tactics usually come from, and why positive parenting (or responsive parenting, the nuance I prefer) is the way to go! (more…)

Teach your kids to take turns

It’s so hard to teach kids to share or take turns. In any household with more than one child, conversations much like this are heard almost every day:

“But I want that!”

“It’s not fair!”

“It’s my turn now!”

And so on, causing parents to want to tear their hair out.

Eventually, we snap. “Okay, you’ve had it long enough!  Give the toy to your brother now!  You have to learn to share.” (more…)